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  Bargah-e-Hazrat Abbas a.s  

In the times of Mohammed Quli two brothers Mir Miran and Noor ul Huda came to the Deccan and were associated with the courts. These saints were Moosavi Syeds and commanded respect of all classes of people. According to the author of Tazkira-e-Zakireen Hazrat Noor ul Huda went for a pilgrimage to the Mausoleum of Imam Hussain at Kerbala and stayed- there for a long time. During that period, on an indication from Imam Hussain, he received three relics. These three relics have been a piece of the armour of Hazrat Abbas, a piece from Hazrat Qasims spear and the Naal from the head gear of Imam Hussains armour. This is the same Naal Mubarak which IbrahimQutub Shah received from YusufAdil Shah.

Hazrat Nur ul Huda gave the Naal Mubarak to the Derwesh at Bijapur who had the premonition about this offering in his dream. The other two relics he carried to Hyderabad, bought a small plot of land and constructed a house to live in. Near his house there was a banyan tree and a big lake. In fact the Hyderabad city was not built till then. The two relics, in the shape of Alams, used to be installed in the same house where there is a small pond now. According to the keeper of the Ashur Khana the land acquired by Syed Nur ul Huda was much larger in area and it included all the land through which The procession of the Alam of Hazrat Qasim travels encompassing Pathar Gatti, Gulzar Hauz, Kali Kaman, Panja Shah, Aitbar Chowk, Purani Haveli, and Alawa. It is believed that the first relic to reach Hyderabad was the piece from the head of the spear of Hazrat Qasim and a piece from the armour of Hazrat Abbas which were brought by Syed Nur ul Huda. They made Alams with calligraphy of 'Allah' and 'Ali' incorporating the relics within them. In fact the relics are enclosed in wooden cases over which the metallic calligraphy has been done.The frame was then fully covered with layers of Sandal.

The Qutub Shahs had endowed Jagirs, drum and pipe (Naubat), Royal Standard (Mahi Maratib ) and The Royal Umbrella ( Chatar Shahi ) for these Alams. The Alam is taken out late evening of 8th Moharrum and returns back to the Ashur Khana after a covering a short distance. On the 8th throughout the day and in the night there will be a continuous flow of devotees who make offerings of sweetened milk. Thousands of people get the red cotton thread tied around their right wrists at the Ashur Khana. On the night of 9th Moharrum there will be continuous majlis gatherings at the Ashur Khana.

The Dargah of Hazrat Abbas is a haunt of devotees throughout the year. On every Thursday in particular there will be a flow of devotees throughout the day until late in the evening


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