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  Baadshahi' Ashoor Khana  

The Qutb Shahs being Shi'as realized the importance of the 'Ashur Khanas' in the life of the people. particularly their Shi'a subjects, and were careful in maintaining the air of sanctity that surrounded them.
Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, therefore planned the construction of an 'Ashur Khana at the time of building the new city of Hyderabad. The construction of the Baadshahi Ashur Khana began soon after the completion of the Charminar in 1001H/1592 A.D. The building was completed in 1005H/1596 A.D. at a cost of 60.000 rupees. It was located near Khudadad Mahal, which no longer exists. The locality is now called Pathergatti.

During the Qutb Shahi period, fourteen 'Alams were installed in the 'Ashur Khana, which were made of gold and studded with Jewels. The Dhatties of these 'Alams were of Zarbafti cloth extending to a length of fourteen yards, The Ayats (verses) of the holy Quran were knitted into them to enhance their beauty.

The 'Ashur Khana was decorated with 10,000 lamps placed in ten rows. The Sultan used to light them, a row each night so that on the tenth night total number of 10,000 lamps were lit. In addition to these, huge structures in the shape of trees each containing 120 lamps were lit. These lights illuminated the 'Ashur Khana to such an extent that it appeared to be bright day during night.
Unfortunately we have no account of what had happened to the belongings of the 'Ashur khana and the 'Alams after the down fall of the Qutb Shahs.

It was once again during Nizam Ali Khan's period that the 'Alams were made and put up in the 'Ashur Khana. It was once again decorated with thousands of lamps. Sikandar Jah during his reign presented English and French glass lamps to the "Ashur khana.

The Ashur Khana still attracts a large number of people during the first ten days of moharram and the Majalis of the Ashur Khana are still conducted everyday. In addition to these Majalis the birthday Ceremony of the Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.s is celebrated in the Ashur Khana by conducting a Maqasedah in which a large number of poets are invited.


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