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  Ashoor Khana-e-Musheerabad  
This Ashoor Khana is located at Musheerabad.The Alam at the Musheerabad The dilapidated building of this ancient Ashoor Khana too was renovated by the Seventh Nizam. Ashoor Khana comes out in procession on the 30th day of Moharrum even if the Crescent is sighted on the 29th day. The carrier of the Alam, a Hindu devotee, carries it through shouldering embers. This Alam is famous throughout the world for the unique feature that at no place there is so much of fire through which the Alam is carried. People keep piling up dried wood to keep the flames alive and growing. The fire is lighted around noon on the 30th of Moharrum. By the time the Alam is brought out the fire will be in an area of about 30 by 60 feet and the height is about six inches. Great crowds of people visit the place to witness the spectacle. Even foreign tourists are seen there on the day.

Before taking out the Alam the carrier takes a bath in a well and proceeds immediately to the Ashoor Khana takes the Alam in his hands and enters the platform of fire described above. He keeps moving on the fire as if he is walking on a bed of rose petals. After him hundreds of people chanting 'Ya Ali' follow in his foot steps on the fire. The carrier of the Alam makes seven rounds on the platform of fire and then returns to the Ashoor Khana. But thousands of devotees keep walking on the fire till the emergence of dawn. Small children play with the fire as if they are playing with flowers. The scene is incredible for the foreign tourists who happen to be there. The Editor of Sada e Jafaria recounted about this in detail to Ayatollah Abul Qasim about this miraculous event when he visited him during his pilgrimage to the Holy Sites in Iraq. The Ayatollah expressed his wish that if the opportunity presented itself he would like to personally witness the event.


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