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  Alawa-e-Sartauq Mubarak  

This Ashoor Khana is situated in Darulshifa a locality named after the great Unani Hospital of the Qutub Shahi period.

The Tauq, or the shackle, which was placed around the neck of Imam Zain al Abideen when he was taken prisoner by the army of Yazeed after the tragedy of Kerbala, was brought by Haji Aga Mohsin Khorasani along with documents of authentication from Syria to Hyderabad. This was in the times of Abdullah Qutub Shah. The King received the relic with due respect and devotion and installed it in Darul Shifa in the form of a big Alam appointing Aga Mohsin as the keeper.

Haji Aga Mohsin has arrived at Hyderabad with the Tauq and the documents of authentication and presented to the scrutiny of His Majesty who has decreed that the: Tauq be incorporated in a big Alam and installed at Darul Shifa, the Royal Hospital, that the place is spacious and it would be a good augury for the patients under treatment there for their quick recovery; the Tauq being a holy relic of the Bimar-e-Kerbala ( The Patient of Kerbala ). Also decreed that daily one Hoon is sanctioned from the budget of the Hospital, without any deduction, for the total expenses on the incenses and flowers for the Ashur Khana from the date of the orders.

The sanction of One Hoon daily used to be a huge amount. This is an indication of the devotion and dedication of the Qutub Shahs to the family of the Prophet. Abdullah Qutub Shah did not construct a separate Ashur Khana for the Tauq but decreed it to be installed in the Darul Shifa itself.

In 1357 H the Seventh Nizam constructed the Ashur Khana on the Southern side of the Darul Shifa. This consists of two rooms and two verandahs (Daalans).In the room towards the east the Alam of Sartauq is installed throughout the year. But during the first ten days of Moharrum the Alam, along with other Alams, is installed in the adjoining verandah. On the tenth of moharrum after the procession of the Alam of Naal Sahab passes through the Darul Shifa area a Majlis is organised at the Alawa Sartauq. Lot of mourners gather for this Majlis. After the Majlis the Alam is taken round in a procession within the compound of Darul Shifa. Then the Alam is washed and people gathered at the occasion collect the water used for this purpose with the belief that this water has the property of curing illnesses. The Alams are again installed in the Eastern room on the 12th of Moharrum.

The Alawa Sartauq is the most important centre for organization of Majlis gatherings in Hyderabad. During the mourning period almost every day such gatherings are arranged here. The gatherings on the Tenth of Moharrum and Arbaeen, 20th of Safar, are of special significance when there will be huge gatherings of people. In the Deccani Urdu lexicon Sartauq means a heavy Alam made of solid steel.


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